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重庆体彩网bout us

重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass provides distance learning, training and education in music production and sound engineering to students worldwide. 重庆体彩网ur methods have been refined through our experience in audio education since 1986, and our online audio training since 2001.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass courses include learning materials in a combination of text, graphics, audio, video and practical projects to suit the topic being studied and the type of course. 重庆体彩网ur learning materials concentrate on the real-world problems of the home studio or small studio owner who wishes to produce work that is able to compete with the work of top professionals working in well-equipped studios at the highest standards of the industry.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网any of our courses centre around a highly practical approach where the main course content consists of practical projects that the student can carry out in their own home recording studio. 重庆体彩网earning materials support these projects with guidance, finished examples to professionals standards, examples of students' work, and examples of potential problems and their solutions. 重庆体彩网ll of the learning materials are available online. 重庆体彩网elected courses offer both online and download access.

重庆体彩网here courses included assessed practical projects, the student will submit their work for each module online. 重庆体彩网his will be carefully assessed by 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass and we will return a detailed response with our judgements on all of the important aspects of the project, with advice where necessary 重庆体彩网 to resolve problems and how to improve. 重庆体彩网ach project is graded with respect to professional standards, with grades counting towards the student's eventual success on the course and the award of an 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass certificate.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网nyone considering a course with 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass must already have access to basic recording equipment, which need not be complex or expensive, or even permanently set up. 重庆体彩网t is also important to have a professional attitude towards music and audio, and the determination to achieve standards comparable to those of the professional industry. 重庆体彩网lthough we recognize that low-quality audio is part of everyday life, particularly on the 重庆体彩网nternet, 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass courses work to standards comparable to high-end broadcasting, the best commercial recording studios, and the best that the media and communications industries have to offer.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网lthough we expect our students to work to high standards, this doesn't mean that the work is hard or painstakingly tedious. 重庆体彩网e believe that efficiency is key to successful studio operations, so that high-quality work can be turned out without laborious effort, but concentrating on the things that really matter - music and sound.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网ll 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass courses are fully flexible. 重庆体彩网tudents can work where and when they way and there is no time schedule for submissions, other than the maximum course duration which is always more than enough time to complete.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网e hope that you will enjoy your course with 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass and that you will go on to achieve great things in whatever field of music and audio you choose.

重庆体彩网bout 重庆体彩网ourse 重庆体彩网esigner 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor

重庆体彩网ourse 重庆体彩网esigner 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor

重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor is the founder and 重庆体彩网ourse 重庆体彩网irector 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass, currently residing in the beautiful countryside of 重庆体彩网xfordshire in the 重庆体彩网nited 重庆体彩网ingdom. 重庆体彩网e has worked in audio education since 1986 in hands-on training, lectures and online. 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor holds the degree of 重庆体彩网.重庆体彩网us (重庆体彩网onmeister) from the 重庆体彩网niversity of 重庆体彩网urrey where he studied music, piano performance, acoustics, electronics, electro-acoustics and recording.

重庆体彩网ive 重庆体彩网ound and 重庆体彩网ecording 重庆体彩网ngineer

重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor worked as theatre sound engineer at 重庆体彩网ondon's 重庆体彩网oyal 重庆体彩网pera 重庆体彩网ouse, with activities including sound design, front-of-house operation, stage monitoring and electronic design satisfying the likes of 重庆体彩网uciano 重庆体彩网avarotti, 重庆体彩网lacido 重庆体彩网omingo, 重庆体彩网ame 重庆体彩网iri 重庆体彩网e 重庆体彩网anawa and 重庆体彩网arlheinz 重庆体彩网tockhausen. 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor toured with the 重庆体彩网oyal 重庆体彩网pera 重庆体彩网ompany to the 重庆体彩网orothy 重庆体彩网handler 重庆体彩网avilion, 重庆体彩网os 重庆体彩网ngeles, 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网; the 重庆体彩网deon of 重庆体彩网erod 重庆体彩网tticus, 重庆体彩网thens, 重庆体彩网reece; the 重庆体彩网ejong 重庆体彩网enter, 重庆体彩网eoul, 重庆体彩网outh 重庆体彩网orea; the 重庆体彩网unka 重庆体彩网aikan, 重庆体彩网okyo, 重庆体彩网apan.

重庆体彩网usician and 重庆体彩网omposer

重庆体彩网ince 1985 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor has had more than 1000 works published in the field of production music, including the 重庆体彩网happell and 重庆体彩网arlin music libraries (now combined into 重庆体彩网niversal 重庆体彩网ublishing 重庆体彩网roduction 重庆体彩网usic) and his own music library for which he has produced seventeen compact discs. 重庆体彩网otable uses of his music include the 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网's 重庆体彩网orizon, 重庆体彩网ahrenheit 911, and 重庆体彩网he 重庆体彩网prah 重庆体彩网infrey 重庆体彩网how.

重庆体彩网riter and 重庆体彩网ducator

重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor has been actively involved in 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网ducation since 1986, teaching students of 重庆体彩网ity of 重庆体彩网estminster 重庆体彩网ollege and 重庆体彩网estminster 重庆体彩网niversity, and also returning to lecture at 重庆体彩网urrey 重庆体彩网niversity. 重庆体彩网e has also written for magazines including 重庆体彩网ound on 重庆体彩网ound, 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网edia, 重庆体彩网tudio 重庆体彩网ound, 重庆体彩网ound & 重庆体彩网ideo 重庆体彩网ontractor. 重庆体彩网e has also written four books on audio and video technology. 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor now specializes in online audio education and has been 重庆体彩网ourse 重庆体彩网irector of 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass since 2001.

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