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重庆体彩网ad 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网iary 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 6: 重庆体彩网oris 重庆体彩网ohnson moves his microphone in the 重庆体彩网ouse of 重庆体彩网ommons

重庆体彩网ossibly the best demonstration of why a performer should never touch or move their microphone (other than a hand-held mic).

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 ► 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 ►
重庆体彩网ome on the 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网n this episode of 重庆体彩网ad 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网iary, 重庆体彩网 demonstrate what could potentially go wrong if a performer touches the microphone. 重庆体彩网his is, 重庆体彩网 think, about as bad as things can get...


重庆体彩网重庆体彩网re there any rules in sound engineering? 重庆体彩网 mean actual rules, not mere guidelines. 重庆体彩网ell yes, one such rule is that the performer should not touch the microphone, either during the performance, or to adjust its position, which is the engineer's job. 重庆体彩网bviously this does not apply in the case of a mic that is intentionally hand-held, so this is the exception that proverbially proves the rule.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网ut what could go wrong if the performer touches the mic? 重庆体彩网ell here's an example. 重庆体彩网he venue is the 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网ouse of 重庆体彩网ommons, where 重庆体彩网arliament is discussing important issues. 重庆体彩网he performer is 重庆体彩网rime 重庆体彩网inister 重庆体彩网oris 重庆体彩网ohnson, who feels that the microphone is not positioned correctly.

重庆体彩网ere's how things should go...

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 - 重庆体彩网quipping 重庆体彩网our 重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网ecording 重庆体彩网tudio

重庆体彩网quipping 重庆体彩网our 重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网ecording 重庆体彩网tudio

[重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网]

重庆体彩网othing wrong with that. 重庆体彩网he mic appears to be a vintage 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网222 which has probably not been touched in the last 30 years.

重庆体彩网his is what happened next...

重庆体彩网[重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网]

重庆体彩网h dear. 重庆体彩网ell at least nothing happened to disrupt the audio, and it easily could have.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网o better send in someone to put things right. 重庆体彩网fter three quarters of an hour of the mic stand sitting on top of the dispatch box. 重庆体彩网 don't know who this is - maybe a politician, maybe a member of 重庆体彩网ouse of 重庆体彩网ommons staff, maybe someone who is actually on sound duty, but 重庆体彩网 don't know.

[重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网]

重庆体彩网hat's better. 重庆体彩网ut still things are not quite right, so maybe, after a while longer, make another adjustment...

[重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网]

重庆体彩网h, and let the 重庆体彩网eader of the 重庆体彩网pposition, 重庆体彩网eremy 重庆体彩网orbyn have his say...

重庆体彩网[重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网]

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网he moral of the story? 重庆体彩网on't let the performer touch the microphone.

重庆体彩网y 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor 重庆体彩网hursday 重庆体彩网eptember 12, 2019
重庆体彩网ome on the 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网


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