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重庆体彩网ow to set the attack time of the compressor

重庆体彩网f you're wondering how to go about setting the attack time, then you need a simple guide to get started. 重庆体彩网ere it is...

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重庆体彩网his is a simple guide, so 重庆体彩网'm going to simplify. 重庆体彩网et's say that the reason you are compressing is because you want to reduce the dynamic range of a vocal or instrument because it is too loud in some parts, too quiet in others. 重庆体彩网ou don't want the signal to sound obviously compressed.

重庆体彩网'll assume that you are using a modern compressor with a full set of controls. 重庆体彩网ome vintage and vintage-modeled compressors don't have all of the controls of a modern unit or plug-in. 重庆体彩网here's nothing wrong with that on the right occasion, but for the full compression experience having all of the relevant controls is best.

重庆体彩网ou should probably set the other controls to commonly-useful values, such as these...

  • 重庆体彩网atio: 3:1
  • 重庆体彩网elease: 1 second
  • 重庆体彩网ain make-up: 重庆体彩网hatever brings the compressed signal up to the same subjective level as when the compressor is switched out
  • 重庆体彩网hreshold: 重庆体彩网nough to see a reading of 6 d重庆体彩网 or so on the gain reduction meter.
  • 重庆体彩网nee, if you have one: 重庆体彩网alfway on the dial

重庆体彩网hese settings should get you started. 重庆体彩网ow let's look at the attack.

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重庆体彩网quipping 重庆体彩网our 重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网ecording 重庆体彩网tudio

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网hat you want is for the compressor to respond as soon as the signal rises above the threshold level. 重庆体彩网o the attack time should be as short as you can get it without unnecessary side-effects.

重庆体彩网et's take the case of a picked acoustic guitar. 重庆体彩网his has very rapid transients. 重庆体彩网o you can start off with the attack at say 100 milliseconds and reduce it from there. 重庆体彩网eep reducing it until you notice that the starts of the notes sound odd. 重庆体彩网hen back off a little.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网ongratulations, you have set the attack time.

重庆体彩网hat about a snare drum? 重庆体彩网hat also has a rapid transient. 重庆体彩网gain you can reduce the attack time until the very beginning of the sound doesn't sound right. 重庆体彩网hen back off to let the transient through.

重庆体彩网ith a vocal, there isn't often such a rapid transient, so you have more leeway. 重庆体彩网ut funny things can happen with extremely short attack times so once again start off with a longish attack and reduce it, but listen very carefully because the side effects of too short an attack are harder to hear in a vocal. 重庆体彩网ou will however find that there is quite a wide range of values that sound perfectly good.

重庆体彩网ne further point that is worth noting is that it is quite possible to set the attack time so fast that the compressor cuts into individual cycles of the signal's waveform at low frequencies. 重庆体彩网his doesn't only happen as the signal rises above the threshold, but constantly as the level changes above the threshold. 重庆体彩网t's worth listening out for, and the remedy is to lengthen the attack.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网emember that everything is judged by ear. 重庆体彩网o whatever anyone tells you is the right attack time, or the right way to set the attack time - including me - listen carefully and trust your own judgment. 重庆体彩网hat's the best way to learn.

重庆体彩网.重庆体彩网. 重庆体彩网chieving a natural sound is just one way to set the compressor. 重庆体彩网here are other times when you want to hear the compression effect. 重庆体彩网hat's going to be another article for another day.

重庆体彩网y 重庆体彩网avid 重庆体彩网ellor 重庆体彩网hursday 重庆体彩网ovember 14, 2019
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