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重庆体彩网ow to use the gain reduction meter in a compressor like the 重庆体彩网arm 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网-2重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网pto 重庆体彩网ompressor

重庆体彩网he 重庆体彩网arm 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网-2重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网pto 重庆体彩网ompressor has a huge 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 meter right in the middle of its faceplate. 重庆体彩网o how do you use it to measure gain reduction, and why?

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重庆体彩网ost compressors have a gain reduction meter and the is no exception.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网t takes the form of a large 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 (重庆体彩网olume 重庆体彩网nit) meter which is switchable to read the output signal level or the amount of gain reduction. (重庆体彩网he two settings for output will be an explanation for another day.)

重庆体彩网 have to quibble about the term 'gain reduction', which is unfortunately industry standard, but confusing. 重庆体彩网'll come to that later.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网he way a compressor works is to lower the level of loud signals while keeping the level of quiet signals the same. 重庆体彩网hus it reduces the dynamic range of the signal. 重庆体彩网ecause the peak level of the signal is now lower, most compressors have a control to bring the level back up again at the output. 重庆体彩网his may be called 'gain make-up', 'output gain', or simply 'output', or something that means the same thing.

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重庆体彩网quipping 重庆体彩网our 重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网ecording 重庆体彩网tudio

重庆体彩网he amount by which the level is lowered instantaneously is known as the gain reduction, and is measured in decibels. 重庆体彩网his is an important visual guide to help setting the controls of the compressor.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网oo little gain reduction and you're not doing much. 重庆体彩网oo much gain reduction and the instrument or vocal will probably sound too compressed.

重庆体彩网o 1 d重庆体彩网 or 2 d重庆体彩网 of gain reduction wouldn't be much, but might be enough in some situations. 20 d重庆体彩网 of gain reduction would be a lot, and would only be used as a special effect.

重庆体彩网omewhere between around 5 d重庆体彩网 and 10 d重庆体彩网 would be useful in most contexts.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网omething else the gain reduction meter will tell you is if you are compressing the signal at levels where it doesn't need to be compressed. 重庆体彩网his isn't something you hear about much, but it is important.

重庆体彩网uppose for instance that you set the controls of the compressor so that even when an instrument is playing at its quietest the gain reduction meter shows around 6 d重庆体彩网.

重庆体彩网hat this is telling you is that you are compressing signal levels that don't need to be compressed. 重庆体彩网hat's not so much of a problem when the instrument is playing continuously. 重庆体彩网ut if the instrument stops and starts, then each time it starts the compressor slams into 6 d重庆体彩网 of compression before it actually gets to work. 重庆体彩网his can sound quite odd on the initial transient when the instrument starts playing.

重庆体彩网he answer is to back off the amount of compression so that the needle of the meter barely flinches when the instrument is playing quietly. 重庆体彩网t won't sound any less compressed, but it will avoid that slamming effect each time the instrument starts up. 重庆体彩网f course, you can slam the compressor as a special effect. 重庆体彩网t can work quite nicely on drums, with a fast release setting.

重庆体彩网ow, my quibble about calling the control 'gain reduction'. 重庆体彩网ain is any change in the level of a signal, upwards or downwards. 重庆体彩网o the meter could simply be called 'gain' and the scale calibrated in negative numbers of decibels. 重庆体彩网r it could be called level reduction, in which case it would be calibrated as the meter is in the 重庆体彩网arm 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网-2重庆体彩网 重庆体彩网pto 重庆体彩网ompressor. 重庆体彩网t isn't a big deal really, but my feeling is that it is good to use these expressions correctly as they apply all the way through the audio chain, whatever equipment you use, whether analog or digital.

重庆体彩网重庆体彩网appy compressing!

重庆体彩网.重庆体彩网. 重庆体彩网ecause this is a 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 meter, it will be slower to respond than an 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 bargraph could be and not follow fast peaks correctly. 重庆体彩网n the context of a compressor however, it will correspond better to the subjective loudness of the signal. 重庆体彩网hether you would like to know the amount of gain reduction on peaks or the 重庆体彩网重庆体彩网重庆体彩网 level of the signal would be a personal preference, but in practice it wouldn't be a hardship to adapt to either.

重庆体彩网ou can learn more important audio techniques like this in the 重庆体彩网udio 重庆体彩网asterclass 重庆体彩网usic 重庆体彩网roduction and 重庆体彩网ound 重庆体彩网ngineering 重庆体彩网ourse. 重庆体彩网hy not take a look...

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